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Travel:  Joyce’s world travel
also influences her artistic
works. She has painted scenes
as varied as Uighers at a market
in Kashgar (far western China),
Egyptian “felucca” sailors on the
Nile, Tuvan racers at their
Mongolian “Nadaam” festival, an
Uzbeki woman herding goats,
and llamas in high Peruvian
plateaus. She continues to
pursue such experiences.

Joyce's fascination with expression through dance has led her to expand her efforts to portray Folk Dance from other cultures as well, such as those from southeastern Asia (Thai and Cambodian), European (Polish dancers, for example), and American (Hispanic “Folklorico” themes).  She has traveled to more than 65 countries throughout the world, which has contributed to her interest in folk
dancing.  The joy of dance seems universal.

Reading Between the Lines
Tuvan Horses at the Yurt
Tuvan Ceremonial Guard
His Brother's Keeper
Ceremonial Horde - Tuva
Lotus Dancers
Crossing the Nile
Rite of Spring
Polish Dancers
Baaa Cantata
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